Why Songs and Music the Easiest Way to Learn the Chinese Language?


January 2, 2020

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Why Songs and Music the Easiest Way to Learn the Chinese Language?

Most of the time, students find it hard to learn and improve their Chinese speaking skills due to their unfamiliar phonetic patterns. Thus, it is always a lot challenging to learn the language’s vocabulary and, at the same time, to become fluent in it.

The good news is, they can now enhance your Chinese learning through songs and music. Through an interesting lyrical language, one can propel in learning Chinese in the most fun and memorable way. By adding a couple of Chinese songs as part of their learning tools, listening to them will help them enjoy the music and boost your Chinese language skills at the same time

Here are the amazing Benefits of Learning Chinese Through Music

Are you curious as to how your child can improve his/her Chinese language skills? Is speaking and writing Chinese a mere struggle for them? Sit back, relax, and enjoy a tune of some of your favorite Chinese-lyric songs and boost up their current language skills very quick!

Not able to speak the Chinese language fluently is among the common issues of every Chinese learner. This is one of the reasons why Chinese tuition centers are established to cater to the growing needs of Chinese learners who aim to improve their speaking and composition skills, thus, improving their academic performance at the same time.

 However, not everyone has the time to send to tuition centers. On the other hand, others don’t have ample money to pay for the learning programs offered. To this end, learning the Chinese language is still possible, and you can even do it at your own time

Here are some of the advantages students will get if you learn Chinese through songs and music.

It boosts the memory – Often, it is a lot easier to recall a song lyric and yet forget about a Chinese sentence your child once read a couple of minutes ago. Isn’t it weird? That’s how interesting it is to learn Chinese through music since it is easier to remember the lyrics than a purely written sentence. Accordingly, the melody and rhythm of the song give them the cue, hence, making it easier to recall the words and sentences. While it is true that the Chinese language often has a complicated character and sentence structure, but learning the language through music is no longer that hard through this method.


It expands the vocabulary – Listening to Chinese songs is already a fantastic way of adding new words to the vocabulary box. While it ties into the brain, the unfamiliar words and sentences they hear from a song, its rhythm also helps them remember the meaning of the concept through its context. Most of the Chinese songs make use of repetitive words with different meanings. Hence, listening to it most of the time helps your child recall the words and its meaning more quickly.


It helps the child learn slang phrases – Most of the typical Chinese slang phrases are used in popular Chinese songs. To begin with, listening to it is a perfect method to learn the different Chinese idioms and sayings quickly. To learn different slang terms also helps your child become more fluent as they converse with the Chinese native speakers.


It builds you an insight into the Chinese culture – As your child learn and improve his/her Chinese language skills through music, youhe/she may also develop in them the love and idea of the Chinese culture. Chinese songs are the primary doorway for your child to deeply understand the different Chinese culture, society, and relationships as a whole.

How to Start Learning Chinese through Music?

As of this modern age, listening to music is sometimes overlooked as a new way of learning a language, particularly Chinese. Nonetheless, having to point out the different advantages of learning Chinese through music, there is no doubt how such a hobby of listening to songs makes your child learn and improve his/her Chinese language skills in an exciting way.

Here is how to get you started!

Search for Chinese songs on YouTube – YouTube is among the most popular mobile apps downloaded by millions of students around the world. Perhaps, this is one of the best options to get into as your child aim to learn language through songs. Search for a Chinese song depending on the genre that they like, and there are certainly lots of stuff there waiting to be discovered. As your child watch YouTube videos and listen to its lyrics over and over again, he/she’ll improve your Chinese skills in no time.

Check for different music sites – Theycan also opt to visit music sites where they can download Chinese songs for free. Once they find a few songs, get the lyrics and listen to the music right away! Eventually, as your child sing along from the lyrics screen, he/she will also propel your skills in the Chinese language.


Learning Chinese through music is almost an effortless method to absorb new words and become familiar with it. While some may still require studying the language a lot, some are just really quick to pick up new vocabulary from the music listened

Having said all that, if as parent, you prefer to strengthen your child’s skills in the Chinese language, you may also opt to deepen their knowledge through the best Chinese tuition center and avail of our excellent learning programs.

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