3 Things that are Preventing Your Child from Getting Full Marks in PSLE Comprehension

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August 25, 2021

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Do you find your child’s Chinese comprehension grades subpar?

Acing the Paper 2 can be challenging but it isn’t entirely impossible. Since it takes up 45% of the total PSLE Chinese score, being able to score well for the comprehension exam can help to boost your overall grades and leapfrog your peers. Before we jump into the solution to scoring full marks for one of the toughest Chinese language papers, let’s pinpoint the 3 stumbling blocks you need to look out for! What’s stopping your child from acing Paper 2 – Comprehension? As always, the first step to improvement is to recognise the problem. Below, we have identified 3 common obstacles many students face when it comes to attempting Chinese comprehension papers.

Why XueLin:

Lack of understanding and clarity for passages. Inability to answer precisely and concisely to score for all questions, including situational writing. Incorrect application of vocabulary words and phrases

Main Paper 2 Obstacles:

Receive ample exposure to different in-house designed passages that closely resembles MOE’s syllabus. We will teach your child how to effectively digest and grasp the concepts behind the passages. Get exposed to a variety of question types and learn how to break down these questions into smaller chunks (especially for higher order questions). In addition, we will also provide an accurate step-by-step process to locate the right answers in the passages. Not only will we amp up your child’s must-know vocabulary bank, we will teach him/her the proper usage of vocabulary terms and how to infer their meanings based on language cues. Do any of the obstacles mentioned above feel familiar? Well, it is critical to get the underlying problem fixed and reset your comprehension skills before they escalate further and snowball into undesirable exam grades! Especially with the new Achievement Levels (AL) system for PSLE, it is even more paramount to ensure that your child’s Chinese Paper 2 foundation is set in stone.

XueLin’s Full Marks Comprehension Revision Strategy

Are you ready to ramp up your child’s comprehension grades in no time? Let’s deep dive into our academics-driven PSLE Comprehension curriculum to find out what’s the secret sauce behind our proven teaching strategy.

  • Structured Learning System

With our effective step-by-step process and guidance from the teachers, your child will learn the best way to approach different passages and question types. (i) Comprehension Step 1 – Break down the questions and speed read the passages, while taking down notes Step 2 – Reread the passages in greater details and attempt to locate the right answers Step 3 – Paraphrase your answers with your own words and the change in sentence structure Step 4 – Summarise and further elaborate your answers (ii) Situational Writing Step 1 – Pinpoint the message of the story Step 2 – Locate the 4 supporting points in the passage Step 3 – Organize the different pointers and answer the question with your own thoughts Step 5 – Ensure that there are no errors in all Chinese characters

  • Targeted Practices based on the latest MOE Syllabus

Based on in-depth research by our experienced teachers, our in-house designed learning materials are created to strengthen analytical skills, logical reasoning and language proficiency. Your child will learn how to build on inferential skills to sieve out important information and draw accurate conclusions, which are all essential techniques to tackling the comprehension paper. Plus, your child will get to stay ahead of peers with a curated list of “must-learn” vocabulary and learn the proper usage of key vocabulary phrases (psst…this is extra useful for composition writing too)!

  • Lean Class Size

Big exam successes start from small class sizes. Each class is kept lean so that our dedicated teachers can curate the lesson plan according to the pace of the students. Now that you’ve had a better understanding of the main hurdles of tackling comprehension papers, your child is one step closer to achieving his first 100 marks for the next Chinese comprehension exam! Interested in our sure-score PSLE curriculum? Enquire today

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