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Reading Comprehension Application Exercise: Product Description Expository Writing

The contents of this text style usually goes beyond the physical descriptions and extrinsic benefits of the product.

Reading Comprehension Application Exercise: News Report

Reading comprehension passages of news reporting are usually distinctive and easy to deduce by identifying journalism terms and the use of formal, concise language.

Reading Comprehension: Revision Checkpoint

Recap our Paper 2 Full Marks Strategy.

The 3 Common misinterpret type of question

The 3 key question tpye which students are prone to misinterpret the focal point of the question.

Reading Comprehension: The 4 Common Genres of Comprehension Passages

Let’s unpack these 4 common genres of ‘O’ Levels comprehension passages and delve into their main features to better prepare you in the answering process.

Cloze Passage: Adopt the Method of Elimination

Instead of making random guesses, eliminating the implausible answers first can help to narrow down the selection and tilt the odds in your favour.

Cloze Passage: Master the Art of Word Collocations

The second most vital skill you need to do well for cloze passages is the natural instinct for Chinese word collocations - where certain characters are more commonly used together than the others.

Cloze Passage: How to Conquer Cloze Passages with 3 Easy Tips

To build up an all-rounded acumen for the Chinese language, follow and adopt our 3 Easy Tips to achieve maximum success for your next Cloze Passage exam paper.

Comprehension: How to Enhance and Process Answers

Once you have located the right answers in the passages, it’s time to frame these answers to be well-suited for what the questions are asking for.

Comprehension: How to Locate the Right Answers in the Passages

After mastering the art of comprehension question analysis, the next step is to search for the answers and evidence.

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