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Portrait descriptions

The face is no index to the heart. Therefore, it is important that we describe characters in detail to help the reader to better understand their motivations, personalities, and actions. Portrait description is an important component of essay writing because...

Psychological descriptions

Often, student might think that describing the internal thought process of characters are easy and tend to overlook the importance of psychological descriptions. In fact, psychological descriptions are one of the most effective ways to make a character more three-dimensional...

Portrayal description

In today’s video, we introduce ways to write portrayal description

Effective language descriptions

Due to demands from our students and parents, today’s episode is another in-depth lesson which will look into language description. We will cover the importance of descriptive language, the different types of language you can use, and techniques for crafting...

Argumentative Methods: Comparisons

We all often compare ourselves with others knowingly or unknowingly. A balanced comparison can at times inspire you to be better at things or be a better person. In writing essays, the method of comparison also serves a similar function...

Argumentative Methods:Citations and quotes

Did you know that quotes by famous people serve as strong support for your writing? This is because these famous people are deemed authoritative and highly respected by the mass public, therefore their words serve as a basis of truth...

Figurative Argument

Figurative Argument is all about using metaphors.


Let's talk about argumentation methods.

How to make analogies

It might be easy to describe a statement or make claims in your essays and support them with facts. But have you ever thought of how to make your descriptions more vivid and interesting for your readers?

Ways to list numbers

When we make a claim in expository essays, we always need evidence to back up our claims. Besides giving examples, what else can we do?

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