Secondary Chinese Classes

Nurture Critical-Thinking Skills & The Right Mindset For ‘O’ Levels

Excel in the last lap of your pre-tertiary Chinese learning journey. Critical thinkers and inquiry-based learners are nurtured to be opinion leaders and take charge of their ultimate ‘O’ Levels exams.

Secondary 1 & 2

Duration: 2hrs/week

The first two years of Secondary School demand huge adjustments from students in terms of learning styles, knowledge absorption and the ability to tackle challenging questions. 

Our intensive structured curriculum for the Lower Secondary minimizes the gap between learning capabilities and the rigour of the Secondary Chinese syllabus. Level up your child’s learning experience with topical discussions on both local news and current world affairs, exposure to new examinable components and comprehensive revision checkpoints.

Secondary 3 & 4

Duration: 2hrs/week

Similar to the PSLE, our Upper Secondary students will be going through another academic milestone — ‘O’ Levels exams. The momental build-up of students’ Chinese language proficiency and Key Scoring Skills to critical and analytical skills allow them to articulate verbally and in written formats, which are necessary to manage complex question types.

Systematic revision, ample mock exam practices and refinement of essential exam skills stands at the core of our Upper Secondary Curriculum to help your child achieve peak performance during the Chinese ‘O’ Levels exams. Our philosophy of resilience and positivity which have long been instilled in our students will further see them through this critical stage.

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