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Locate the answers in the passage effectively

Now that you have a brief idea of what the question is asking for, it's time to trawl for answers among the sea of text.

3 question analysis strategies for reading comprehension

Learn how to fully decode every question, discover hidden clues you should be looking out for in the passage and strategies the best answering approach you should be taking.

Pictorial Composition: 3 Secret Strategies to Further Elevate Your Writing

The pursuit to achieve the perfect composition piece should never stop.

Pictorial Composition: 3 Effective Action Descriptive Writing Techniques

Do you remember the most effective answering steps for reading comprehension?

Pictorial Composition: 3 Effective Inner Thoughts Descriptive Writing Techniques

Set your composition apart by revealing the characters’ true emotions sophisticatedly.

Pictorial Composition: Descriptive writing methods

Do you know what kind of methods should be use when describing based on the scenario on the picture?

Pictorial Composition Revision Checkpoint

Are you ready to apply these foolproof pictorial composition techniques into your writing?

Pictorial Composition: How to Write the Most Persuasive Opening and Ending Paragraphs

A strong opening sets the stage for your storyline and captures the reader’s imagination, making them eager to read on.

Pictorial Composition: How to Skilfully Integrate Reference Terms Provided into Your Composition

Learn how to incorporate these reference aids into your writing for better flow and connectivity in just 6 minutes!

Pictorial Composition: How to Write a Compelling Paragraph for the Last Picture

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to pictorial compositions. With the last picture quadrant left blank, it is entirely up to you to formulate the story ending.

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