Primary chinese classes

Develop A Rock-Solid Foundation & Prepare For PSLE

As students enter into a new phase of their education journey, our team of teachers are dedicated to help them build a strong foundation in Chinese, gain unshakeable learning confidence and gain Key Scoring Skills for the ultimate PSLE Chinese exams.

Empowering them with right competency skills and cognitive development now sets the stage for future academic success.

Primary 1 & 2

Duration: 1.5hrs/week

The entry into Primary School marks the start of formal education for your child. Overwhelming and nerve-wrecking are common feelings for both parents and students with the pressure of school life and demands from the MOE syllabus.

Our Primary 1 & 2 Chinese curriculum aims to help your child build a concrete foundation to ensure that this brand new academic journey is an enjoyable one, with exam success in Upper Primary. Every lesson throughout the year is focused on reinforcing the school syllabus to further promote independent learning of new concepts, themes and skills.

With our lean class sizes of 8-10 students, students are provided a safe environment to interact, ask questions and articulate their opinions. The rapport and mutual respect built with our teachers can encourage students to cultivate a genuine interest towards Chinese learning with an inquisitive mind.

Primary 3 & 4

Duration: 2hrs/week

Lagging behind the school syllabus? It is catch up time in Primary 3 and 4.

It is extra crucial for students to ramp up their learning abilities in building a rock solid foundation in their mastery of the Chinese language. With more complex question types, the curriculum is set to expand, stretch and challenge the student’s capabilities to perform in their comprehension, composition and oral exams.

With quarterly tests and semester examinations now part of the students’ lives, our teachers are highly focused on helping every individual develop Key Scoring Skills to be results driven.

Primary 5 & 6

Duration: 2hrs/week

PSLE success starts from Primary 5 preparation.

At this critical juncture, we expect our students to have a firm grounding in the Chinese language — more confident in the way they speak and write, coupled with a resilient attitude in facing every challenging question that comes their way. Moving towards higher-order thinking and application skills, students will now focus on honing their answering skills for examination papers and fine tune revision techniques to gain extra marks.

As we work towards big goals with quarterly milestones set for each student, our teachers adopt a tailored teaching style to meet the needs of every student and immediately address any learning gaps.

Leveraging both past year papers and specially designed mock papers by our experienced teachers, students can gain simulative experience to prepare them psychologically and emotionally for the ultimate national exam.

Built for PSLE academic success, our Upper Primary Chinese curriculum will help your child be equipped with the right tools to excel under the new AL scoring system.

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