Preschool Chinese Classes (N2, K1 & K2)

Journey into a brand new world of Chinese learning in a rich, fun and stimulating learning environment. Foster early foundational language skills through the ultimate combination of joyful learning and the rigour of academic excellence.

Preschool N2

Duration: 1.5hrs/week

Begin your child’s Chinese learning journey through the exploration of the culture in interactive and multi-sensory formats. Our Preschool N2 Chinese curriculum aims to spark genuine interest in learning Chinese, kickstart cognitive development and nurture curiosity in a safe space. 

Weekly classes revolve around these 3 main activities:

Kindergarten K1 – K2

Duration: 1.5hrs/week

Your child will be more Primary-School ready than ever.

Our Kindergarten Chinese curriculum starts seeding students with what they can expect in Primary School to gain a head start from peers and approach the next year with confidence. 

The curated combination of Hanyu Pinyin Introduction, Tell-A-Story and Sing-A-Song Sessions and Advanced Penmanship Practices provides the perfect bridge for preschoolers into the start of their formal education. From proper sentence construction to key reading skills, students will be fully prepared to tackle formal learning in Primary 1.

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