Master the Art of
Pictorial Composition Writing

Learn how to write like a pro with punchy vocabulary, 

a compelling narration and sensible coherency to ace Chinese PSLE Composition. 

“ Learn to Write Better, The XueLin Way

5 Reasons Why You Should
Master Pictorial Composition Writing 看图作文:

  • Less likely to write off topic. You can easily derive the context based on the pictures as compared to topical composition.
  • Easier structuring of paragraphs. Based on the number of pictures, you will have a rough idea of the number of paragraphs required and what content each paragraph should entail.
  • Straightforward sequence of events. Crafting out a logical yet compelling story flow is effortless as you can easily  infer the turn of events.
  • Stimulates imagination better. There's nothing better than visual aids to engage your creative senses and hone your storytelling skills.
  • Complete the paper on time. Be in control of your writing duration as you can roughly estimate the amount of content writing required per paragraph.

Learn to Write Better, The XueLin Way

Here’s what sets our pictorial composition

classes apart from the rest:

Practice different pictorial composition questions

(created by our in-house artist)

every week for

month-on-month improvements.

Get access to our in-house compilation of practical phrases (作文宝典)

that will be useful during the writing process.

Experience a personalised and supportive learning

experience with curated strategies to elevate

your child’s writing strengths.

Start Your Composition NOW!

Level Required
  • Primary 2
  • Primary 3
  • Primary 4
  • Primary 5
  • Primary 6

Master the Art of Pictorial Composition Writing

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