Let's talk about argumentation methods.

Complete conversations

Completing the conversation is one of the easiest parts to score once you’ve mastered the skills needed.

How to make analogies

It might be easy to describe a statement or make claims in your essays and support them with facts. But have you ever thought of how to make your descriptions more vivid and interesting for your readers?

Written Interactions

The techniques to doing written interaction.

Ways to list numbers

When we make a claim in expository essays, we always need evidence to back up our claims. Besides giving examples, what else can we do?

Reading Comprehension Section Two

Reading Comprehension Section Two

Ways of explanation

Let's dive in to ways of explanation!

Reading Comprehension Part one

Reading Comprehension Part one

Ways to describe people’s personality, traits, appearance and mentality

Many students often get confused as they are exposed to various types of rhetorical devices. How to use them appropriately to achieve the best result? What if I do not seem to find a suitable place to use metaphor, hyperbole...

How to analyze the given text in completing the passage.

How to analyze the given text in completing the passage.

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