Reading Comprehension Application Exercise: Product Description Expository Writing

The contents of this text style usually goes beyond the physical descriptions and extrinsic benefits of the product.

Pictorial Composition: 3 Secret Strategies to Further Elevate Your Writing

The pursuit to achieve the perfect composition piece should never stop.

Reading Comprehension Application Exercise: News Report

Reading comprehension passages of news reporting are usually distinctive and easy to deduce by identifying journalism terms and the use of formal, concise language.

Pictorial Composition: 3 Effective Action Descriptive Writing Techniques

Do you remember the most effective answering steps for reading comprehension?

Reading Comprehension: Revision Checkpoint

Recap our Paper 2 Full Marks Strategy.

Pictorial Composition: 3 Effective Inner Thoughts Descriptive Writing Techniques

Set your composition apart by revealing the characters’ true emotions sophisticatedly.

The 3 Common misinterpret type of question

The 3 key question tpye which students are prone to misinterpret the focal point of the question.

Pictorial Composition: Descriptive writing methods

Do you know what kind of methods should be use when describing based on the scenario on the picture?

Reading Comprehension: The 4 Common Genres of Comprehension Passages

Let’s unpack these 4 common genres of ‘O’ Levels comprehension passages and delve into their main features to better prepare you in the answering process.

Pictorial Composition Revision Checkpoint

Are you ready to apply these foolproof pictorial composition techniques into your writing?

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