Comprehension: The Discussion Question

This a type of question where most students lost marks at.

Composition: How to examine and analyse the topic?

The key is to always understand the question before having a conversation with the examiner.

Reading Comprehension Section Two: Summarization Questions

Some students tend to combine different parts of the question and write less. This will cause you to lose marks on completeness.

Oral exam: How to score well in video description and conversation

Always make sure to provide sufficient information, so that the examiner will not have to keep asking questions to make you to speak more.

Reading Comprehension Section Two: “Explaining sentences” Questions

As we delve deeper into the Reading Comprehension section, the questions get harder and students are required to think more deeply when answering them.

Oral exam: How to score well in Reading Passage?

In order to master a language, reading is equally important as writing.

Reading Comprehension Section Two: “Explaining phrases” Questions

As we read the passage and the question, it is always a very good habit to underline the keywords.

Cloze Passage: How to Fill in The Blanks Effectively

This type of question can be challenging for some students because they might get confused and do not how to decide which words to fill in the blanks with.

Reading Comprehension Section Two: “Brief Description” Questions

As we continue our journey in exploring Reading Comprehension section two, we unravel a new type of question – “Comparing similarities and differences” type of brief description question.

Cloze Passage: How to Fill in The Blanks Effectively

Cloze passage can be one of the most challenging parts in exams.

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