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小学堂 Educational Video Series Launching in

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You missed out!

Focusing on breaking down complex concepts into bite-sized steps that are easy to digest and apply in practice, here’s what you can expect from our weekly 小学堂 video series:

  • Stay on top of the latest MOE marking rubrics
  • Master comprehension question analysis and answering techniques
  • Learn and exercise the key elements that make up a compelling composition
  • Be the most fluent and confident Chinese speaker with our Oral Toolbox
  • Must-know exam strategies to gear up for the national PSLE and ‘O’ Levels Chinese Exam

…and many other powerful and foolproof techniques for the exams!

Why did we create this educational video series:

  • We understand the common pain points of students after a decade of Chinese teaching experience.
  • We believe that every child has the potential to reach peak exam performance as long as they are equipped with the right skill sets.
  • We want to empower parents to provide your child with constructive guidance during revisions.
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