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Our Category

High-Touch Chinese Language Centre

Our Category defines the space that we are here to dominate.

Our Category Img-Xuelin Learning Hub
Our Vision Img-Xuelin Learning Hub

Our Vision

For Every Student To Love Chinese.

Our Vision defines the future that we want to create for the brand.

Our Vision Img-Xuelin Learning Hub

Our Mission

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X oom in on new techniques and technologies that make us better teachers.
U nderstand each student’s need to enable us to adjust lessons accordingly.
E levate our lesson quality relentlessly until we become the industry standard.
L everage on each other’s strengths and help mitigate each other’s weakness.
I nnovate constantly to find ideas that can make us better, faster and smarter.
N ever see challenges as problems but opportunities to create better solutions.

Our Mission defines what we do in terms of Product, Process and People in
order to achieve our ambitious Vision.

Our Brand Values

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We do everything in our power to become the best of
the best in our field.

Leader Img-Xuelin Learning Hub
Learner Img-Xuelin Learning Hub


We upgrade the knowledge of our work to remain as the
best of the best.

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We listen to customers and colleagues closely to
understand their needs.

Listener Img-Xuelin Learning Hub

Our Brand Values defines the values that shape the way we think and act.

Our Enemy

Small Improvements

Our Enemy defines the No. 1 Problem that we are here to overcome.

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Our Value Proposition

We Are Tiger Moms Too

Our Value Proposition defines the No. 1 Benefit we bring to our customers.

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