NEW Branch Update: XueLin Learning Hub Novena

By: second_admin@xuelinlearninghub.com.sg

November 11, 2021

Categories: Brand News

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XueLin Learning Hub’s latest Chinese tuition branch is opening at Novena Goldhill Centre, 201B Thomson Rd, Singapore 307637 – a quick 5 minutes walk from Novena MRT station.


Featuring PSLE and ‘O’ Levels MOE-based syllabus, our curriculum uses a three-prong approach to amp up students’ Key Scoring Skills, inspire written and oral. Chinese fluency, while emphasising on a two-way discussion between students and teachers. Coupled with in-depth research of past year papers by experienced teachers in Singapore’s Chinese educational landscape, our teaching materials and mock papers are specially created to equip every student with answering skills to achieve peak performance during the national exams. With a stellar track record of academic excellence, we are the go-to Chinese tuition for Primary and Secondary School students looking for an effective boost to supplement their learning in school.

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