What’s the difference between a good teacher and bad teacher? [Part 2]

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Teachers will always be one of the most important members in our society to set our child up for success, in terms of not just academics but also their morals and values in life. Here are the next 16 examples of the distinctive differences between a teacher your want to avoid and one you would like your child to look up to.


会教的老师让学生去发现、纠正老师讲授过程中出现的错误; 不会教的老师把自己教错的东西悄悄改掉。 A good teacher will encourage students to explore and correct what was taught wrongly. A bad teacher will quietly correct what was taught wrongly.


会教的老师为学生搭建展示的舞台; 不会教的老师千方百计让学生配合自己。 A good teacher will build a stage for students to express themselves. A bad teacher will do anything to get students to cooperate with them.


会教的老师常常装作不懂; 不会教的老师喜欢不懂装懂。 A good teacher will often pretend to not understand, even when they do. A bad teacher will often like to pretend they understand, even when they don’t.


会教的老师抓重点、抓关键; 不会教的老师喜欢面面俱到、主次不分。 A good teacher is able to grasp the key content and concepts. A bad teacher likes to focus on everything with no priority to the importance of key concepts.


会教的老师教方法、教习惯; 不会教的老师教知识、教答案。 A good teacher will teach the right thinking process and habits. A bad teacher will only teach textbook knowledge and answers.


会教的老师教出自己的风格; 不会教的老师千方百计效仿别人。 A good teacher has his/her own proven methods of teaching. A bad teacher will try to replicate the teaching methods of others.


会教的老师思路清晰; 不会教的老师领着学生转迷魂阵。 A good teacher is able to think clearly. A bad teacher will cause the student’s thinking process to be messy.


会教的老师吸收优秀教法的思想精髓,并在课堂上灵活应用; 不会教的老师学习优秀教法的皮毛,课堂上照搬别人的套路。 A good teacher will absorb the essence of good teaching methods and apply it to his/her classes flexibly. A bad teacher will learn good teaching methods and duplicate the entire process without putting in much thought.


会教的老师善于倾听学生的读书、发言,从中寻找教学的良机; 不会教的老师瞅着学生读书、发言的空当去忙自己的事情。 A good teacher will be attentive to how students read and speak, always on a lookout for teaching opportunities. A bad teacher finds it a hassle to monitor how the students read and speak.


会教的老师善于发现学生的创造思维,及时点燃那些思维的火花; 不会教的老师只关心学生的回答是否完整。 A good teacher will spark creativity in the students and encourage them to think out of the box. A bad teacher is concerned with whether the students’ answers are complete.


会教的老师期待学生潜心读书后的深度思考; 不会教的老师满足于摘取文本的对答如流。 A good teacher looks forward to the students’ thought processes after acquiring new knowledge.  A bad teacher will be easily satisfied with fluent answers extracted from textbooks.


会教的老师作业卷子当天批、当天评、当天改; 不会教的作业、卷子做完了就没事了,做的对错不知道。 A good teacher will provide assignments, mark the worksheets and provide feedback all in one day. A bad teacher will only make sure assignments are completed and does not care whether the answers are right or wrong.


会教的老师课堂上关注后进生,课下个别辅导; 不会教的只满足于大堂讲,谁会谁不会心里完全没底。 A good teacher will pay attention to the weak students in class and provide them with after-class guidance. A bad teacher will pay attention to the majority of the students in class and has no idea who the weaker students are.


会教的老师不仅带领学生学习知识,而且重视学生书写、表达等方面的习惯养成; 不会教的只管学生的答案对还是不对。 A good teacher will encourage students to learn new knowledge, with the strong emphasis on the development of writing and expression-related habits. A bad teacher only cares about whether the student’s answer is right or wrong.


会教的老师根据学生的学习水平分类布置作业,让每个学生都能量力完成; 不会教的老师作业布置一刀切。 A good teacher will provide individual assignments based on each student’s learning capability, so that every student is able to complete the work. A bad teacher will provide assignments based on a one size fits all approach.


会教的老师对学生说:这道题是有点难度,不要焦急,把题目再仔细读读,还不会的话,咱们再一块儿来研究研究; 不会教的老师对学生说:怎么这么笨呀,连这么简单的题都做不出来! A good teacher will tell students: “This question is slightly difficult but don’t worry. Read the question carefully first and if you still have trouble attempting it, let’s solve it together!”. A bad teacher will always tell students: “Why are you so ignorant? You can’t even answer such a simple question!”
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