What’s the difference between a good teacher and bad teacher? [Part 1]

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April 11, 2021

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“Good teachers are costly. But bad teachers cost more.”    – Bob Talbert

A teacher’s role transcends educating textbook materials but also involves shaping the lives and to inspire independent thoughts from the learners. It’s easy to be trained and take on a teaching career but there is a very fine line between becoming a “good” and “bad” teacher. Here are the first 16 examples of what makes a good teacher different from a bad one:


会教的老师能把复杂的教材教简单了; 不会教的教师则会把简单的知识教复杂了。 A good teacher knows how to teach complex subjects easily. A bad teacher will make simple knowledge complex to understand.


会教的老师能把难学的知识教容易了; 不会教的老师则会把很容易的知识教难了。 A good teacher knows how to simplify difficult topics. A bad teacher will teach simple topics in a complex manner.


会教的老师上课跟着学生走; 不会教的老师则始终牵着学生跟着老师走。 A good teacher will guide the students step by step. A bad teacher will always want to take the lead.


会教的老师自己”悠闲”让学生忙; 不会教的老师则让学生没事自己忙。 A good teacher will keep the students busy learning. A bad teacher will be busy on his/her own, without engaging the students.


会教的老师希望听到学生的独立见解; 不会教的老师生怕学生的回答跟老师预想的答案不一样。 A good teacher will wish to hear the students’ independent opinions and thoughts. A bad teacher is afraid of students who have different answers from the expected one.


会教的老师不怕学生答错了; 不会教的老师生怕学生答错了。 A good teacher is not afraid of students making mistakes. A bad teacher is afraid of students making mistakes.


会教的老师喜欢对学生说:”说说你是怎么理解的?”; 不会教的老师总是说:”谁来回答”? A good teacher loves to ask students: “Share with me your thought process.”. A bad teacher will always ask: “Who is going to answer this question?”.


会教的老师让学生自己读书去发现、总结; 不会教的老师把自己的答案端给学生。 A good teacher will encourage students to read, explore and think independently. A bad teacher will always provide answers to the students.


会教的老师心里始终装着学生; 不会教的老师心里只有教案。 A good teacher will always focus on the students. A bad teacher will only focus on the teaching materials.


会教的老师把时间尽量留给学生; 不会教的老师喜欢自己滔滔不绝。 A good teacher will always fork out time for the students. A bad teacher likes to talk about themselves.


会教的老师敢于让学生质疑问难; 不会教的老师生怕课堂”节外生枝”。 A good teacher will be open to students asking difficult questions. A bad teacher is someone who is afraid of tackling difficult questions from students.


会教的老师关注学生的思维方法; 不会教的老师只关注学生”掌握了没有”。 A good teacher will focus on the way students think and grasp concepts. A bad teacher is only focused on whether students understand the concepts.


会教的老师尊重并珍惜学生已有的知识水平; 不会教的老师总是把学生看得什么也不懂。 A good teacher respects and appreciates the knowledge all students have. A bad teacher always thinks that students are ignorant.


会教的老师重视问题的思维价值; 不会教的老师追求学生的脱口而出。 A good teacher emphasizes on the values of solving a problem. A bad teacher pursues quick answers from students.


会教的老师把教后反思当做课堂的延续; 不会教的老师教完课就”完事大吉”了。 A good teacher will regard post-lesson reflections as a continuation of the class. A bad teacher will regard the end of the lesson as an accomplishment.


会教的老师引导学生联系课文表达自己的思想; 不会教的老师只满足于让学生从课文中找现成的答案。 A good teacher will guide students to express their own thoughts based on the textbook material. A bad teacher will be content when students find answers from the textbook itself.
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