The Winning Formula to Scoring an AL 1-2 in Chinese. Does Your Child have it?

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September 11, 2021

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It doesn’t matter how much effort your child puts in for his Chinese exams. Without the right Winning Formula, nothing would be as effective to propel his Chinese grades forward.


Let’s take a step back and investigate the 3-prong approach that is lacking in your child’s Chinese revision strategy!

#1 The Teacher  

Teaching is hard work and one needs to develop their skills for it. From creating a conducive, nurturing learning environment to building a sense of belonging for every child in the classroom (wherever it may be), a teacher’s scope of work extends beyond just the textbook. 

#2 The Teaching Material

From bite-sized videos to powerpoint slides, teachers need to choose the right teaching material that is most applicable to the students. For example, it’s better to opt for pictorial-based worksheets as compared to plain-text worksheets for young children due to their short attention span. The teaching material also needs to be curriculum-relevant so as to build up exam techniques and help students to study smart.

#3 The Guidance

Early or late bloomers, the guidance for each child should be attuned to what they need. The teacher needs to be able to recognise the learning capabilities of each student in class and apply the relevant guidance accordingly. 

Teacher + Teaching Material + Guidance = The Winning Formula to Scoring an AL 1-2 in Chinese So… which component is the most important?

Now, there’s no priority in any of the 3 components. The teacher, teaching material and guidance provided should all work together in synergy to provide your child with an effective learning process for Chinese. It’s only through this foolproof formula can your child improve by leaps and bounds to conquer the most difficult subject in school!

XueLin Learning Hub’s Ultimate Winning Formula  And here’s why we have the ultimate winning formula to help your child achieve peak results in Chinese!

#1 Our Teachers

are selectively picked and undergo intensive training to ensure that we have the best educators in the centre. Both passionate and knowledgeable, our teachers are experts in the Chinese education system in Singapore.

#2 Our Teaching Materials

are specially designed in-house based on MOE’s curriculum and top schools’ papers. Your child will get to practice potential national exam questions set up by our teachers after in-depth research of past year papers.

#3 Our Guidance

to all students is curated based on individual needs. We understand how each child is different in terms of learning and therefore, adapt our teaching strategies to ensure that no one is left behind.

Developed to equip every student with analytical skills and to formulate stellar answers for higher-order questions, our goal is to help your child achieve peak confidence during the actual exam and skyrocket their Chinese grades.

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