The Silent Killer of Your Child’s Chinese Grades: Comprehension Papers

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September 11, 2021

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Does your child find himself overloaded with information after reading the comprehension passages? Or constantly struggling to decode the meanings behind the stories? Or unsure of what the questions are asking?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then your child is probably not fulfilling his full potential of achieving FULL MARKS for comprehension.

Since the comprehension paper contributes largely to the overall Chinese grade, below are 3 common comprehension pitfalls your child may be facing:

#1 Lifting word for word for your answers

Not all comprehension questions allow you to lift word for word from the passage. Doing so might lead to your answers being out of context or simply not answering the question at all.

Here’s our solution: Learning how to paraphrase to meet the question’s requirements is important. XueLin’s teachers are experienced in providing students the right paraphrasing techniques and the thorough way of analysing question types. These are critical skills that can be honed to perfection overtime.

#2 Inability to understand and figure out the gist of the story

The comprehension exam is the real test of your child’s ability to understand Chinese proficiency. They also need to be able to identify the core message as it affects the way they answer higher order questions.

Here’s our solution: The best way to improve comprehension skills is to increase exposure to more passages and learn how to dissect them the efficient way. With XueLin’s in-house designed comprehension papers, we ensure that your child is well covered for all comprehension types, knows how to look out for signs to determine the message of the story and is equipped with the best answering strategies.

#3 Unfinished paper due to lack of time management

When your child is unable to complete the paper, precious marks are instantly lost.

Here’s our solution: This is where exam answering techniques are extremely important as it can help you to tackle questions efficiently, allowing your child to have extra time to check through the paper more than once! Plus, we have set up a sure-score preparation system that allows your child to avoid silly mistakes, feel confident and stop panicking from the time pressure during the exam.

Get access to our sure-score comprehension curriculum to score full marks.

Our proven curriculum can help to strengthen your child’s answering techniques, inferential skills and passage dissecting strategy


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