Skyrocket your child’s Chinese grades with XueLin’s Learning Hub Novena’s proven MOE-based syllabus

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September 27, 2021

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XueLin Learning Hub’s latest Chinese tuition branch is located at Novena Goldhill Centre, 201B Thomson Rd, Singapore 307637 – a quick 5 minutes walk from Novena MRT station.

Conveniently located in the Central region of Singapore, we are the go-to Chinese tuition centre for parents who are looking for an effective boost to supplement their child’s Chinese learning in school.

Building resilience and positive thinking with our Dandelion philosophy

Do you find your child giving up Chinese revisions easily? Or the lack of motivation to pick himself up after a bad Chinese grade? XueLin Learning Hub Novena is founded by two parents who completely understand the struggles behind learning Chinese in Singapore’s ever-changing and highly competitive educational landscape. Our curriculum specially incorporates the Dandelion philosophy of being resilient regardless of circumstances, to help our students regain control of their academics. Often resilient to many herbicides and having the adaptability of growing in a plethora of soil types, we want our students to retain the values of being determined and continue to persevere even when the going gets tough. Being able to overcome the difficult challenges that throw their way will sharpen their grit and prepare them to face tougher obstacles further down in life. This also coincides with our belief in having a positive attitude throughout the learning journey. Our teachers constantly encourage our students to inculcate the habit of staying positive and believing in themselves to reach their full potential of accomplishing goals, so that you can be completely confident in your child’s future. With the right conducive environment and guidance from mentors, we strongly believe that your child can succeed and find fulfilment beyond academic grades.

Teachers with the same vision and passion in Chinese

“A good education can change everything, a good teacher can change anyone.” Having a good Chinese teacher is paramount as the right guidance will allow your child to flourish on his own and create an independent mindset. To provide students with the best learning experience, our teachers have to undergo a stringent selection process – based on their merits, passion in teaching and being able to embrace our Dandelion philosophy. They also undergo intensive training frequently to align with the latest MOE’s syllabus and teaching techniques. Both dedicated and knowledgeable, our teachers are experts in Singapore’s Chinese educational system. With XueLin Learning Hub Novena as part of your child’s Chinese learning journey, your child will be one step closer to acing the most difficult subject in school. Get in touch with us! Find us at XueLin Learning Hub Novena Branch: Goldhill Centre, 201B Thomson Rd, Singapore 307637. Drop us a call at 6333 5400!
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