Parent-Approved Chinese Tuition Centre in Singapore: XueLin Learning Hub Jurong East

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November 11, 2021

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In search of the best Chinese tuition for your child? 

Or looking for a proven Chinese curriculum to guarantee good grades during the national exams?  Located at 135 Jurong Gateway Road, #02-331, SG 600135, XueLin Learning Hub Jurong East carries MOE-based syllabus Chinese classes that are targeted at ramping up students’ Key Scoring Skills, inspiring written and oral fluency, while emphasizing on a two-way discussion between students and teachers. Our goal is to help all PSLE and ‘O’ Level students achieve their desirable Chinese grades and experience academic-changing journeys. Read on to find out more!

How Henry attained close to full marks for comprehension and an A* in PSLE Chinese

As a hardworking student, Henry’s Chinese results have always been well above average. However, he faces the challenge to score well for Comprehension exams due to the inability to perfect his answers. “During my comprehension tests in school, I have always lost marks for every question as none of my answers were completed. This posed a significant impact on my overall grades and prevented me from achieving my full potential.”, explained Henry. After enrolling in XueLin Learning Hub Jurong East, our experienced teachers carried out a detailed analysis of Henry’s strengths and identified areas for improvements. Instantly pointing out gaps in his answering techniques, the teaching methodology was personalized to help him answer both basic and higher-order questions precisely and concisely. This includes being exposed to a variety of question types and learning how to break down these questions into smaller chunks to tackle them easily before adapting an accurate step-by-step process to locate the right answers in the passages. Without a doubt, Henry accomplished his school prelim papers with close to full marks for comprehension. Being equipped with the right answering strategy, he ultimately attained A* (AL1) for PSLE Chinese and entered his dream school at Catholic High. Your Child could be our next AL1 Testimony! Come experience our latest MOE-based syllabus curriculum. Get in touch with us! Find us at XueLin Learning Hub Jurong East: 135 Jurong Gateway Road, #02-331, SG 600135.  Drop us a call at 6970 5400!
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