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February 3, 2022

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We’re delighted to announce that XueLin Learning Hub has given our website a revamp at www.xuelinlearninghub.com.sg and the exciting launch of our NEW weekly 小学堂 video series!

From 11 Feb 2022, 11.30 pm, we will be releasing a 小学堂 video every Saturday for both Primary and Secondary School Edition on our website’s homepage. In each video, you can expect our teacher to break down complex concepts and answering strategies (for Composition, Comprehension, and Oral) into structured bite-sized steps that are easy to digest and apply!

What you can expect from our weekly 小学堂 video series:

  • Master comprehension question analysis and answering techniques
  • Learn and exercise the key elements that make up a compelling composition
  • Be the most fluent and confident Chinese speaker with our Oral Toolbox
  • And many other powerful yet easy-to-apply techniques for the exams

Watch alongside your child to provide effective guidance for his/her Chinese school work to help them succeed in school.

Mark your calendar and save the dates to be in the know of our latest 小学堂 episode, so that you will stay on top of the latest marking rubrics, key learning pointers your child should be adept at, and how your child can consistently upgrade his/her Chinese skills!

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Here are some important links to help you navigate around our new site:

  • Discover our in-depth Chinese curriculum and how it will help your child reach peak potential in exams
  • Be acquainted with our Brand Champions who keep XueLin running every day
  • Learn must-know tips to support your child’s learning at our Knowledge Centre

Please let us know if you have any other feedback as we constantly aim to provide both you and your child with the best service and education.

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