How XueLin Learning Hub Tampines can help Your Child Bounce Back from Bad Grades with Our MOE-based Syllabus Curriculum

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November 11, 2021

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Want to break free from those never-ending horrible Chinese grades?

Perfect for students dwelling in the East, XueLin Learning Hub Tampines equips students of all levels with the essential analytical skills and stellar answering techniques for higher-order questions with our PSLE and ‘O’ Levels curriculum.  Our end goal is to help students improve week-on-week and ultimately reach their peak potential during exams, among other objectives of holistic development, gaining a genuine interest in Chinese learning and more. Let us share with you a true testimonial from one of our parents who witnessed an ultimate transformation of her child’s Chinese learning journey and the academic milestones achieved with our goal-driven curriculum.

How Xuan Le improved from grade C to A in 6 months

When our parent, Eva, first brought her daughter, Xuan Le, to XueLin Learning Hub six months before PSLE, we saw an extremely anxious mother who saw little hope in her child’s Chinese grades. It was a distressing sight as PSLE was only two quarters away. “My daughter only scored a C for Chinese this term. PSLE is coming, is there still time to salvage her grades?”, Eva asked. She continued dejectedly: “We will be satisfied as long as she does not drop to a D grade for the PSLE Chinese exam.”. When Xuan Le was enrolled into XueLin Learning Hub, she went through 4 hours of intensive lessons weekly to rebuild her foundation in composition writing, comprehension answering skills. Our teachers also curated an effective exam strategy to build up on her Key Scoring Skills to skyrocket her grades within this crunch time of six months. Fast forward to the post-PSLE Chinese exam, Eva and her daughter, Xuan Le, immediately exclaimed the moment they set foot into the centre: “I got an A in PSLE Chinese! Thank you teachers!”.

Our commitment to help students achieve their full potential

These testimonials are the utmost testaments of XueLin Learning Hub Tampines’s expertise as a Chinese tuition centre with a proven record to help students improve their grades by leaps and bounds. We are embedded with the spirit of persistence and dedication to provide all students with the right support in order to excel in their Chinese learning journey. Bounce back from bad Chinese grades and achieve that A/A* (AL1-3) you’ve always wanted.  Get in touch with us! Find us at XueLin Learning Hub Tampines Branch: 5 Tampines Central 6, Telepark #01-03, SG 529482.  Drop us a call at 6588 5400!
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