How to Overcome the Most Feared Chinese Paper: Composition Writing

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September 11, 2021

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Be it PSLE or ‘O’ Levels, composition writing will always remain the most difficult task in Chinese exams for many students. Besides feeling overwhelmed by the tedious writing process, students tend to struggle to develop their creative ideas fluently or to organise their mechanics of writing. This is where XueLin comes in with a proven step-by-step process to first develop your child’s interest in writing before building on his technical writing skills. Now, let’s take a look at the 3 stumbling blocks your child may be facing:

#1 Fear of writing compositions

Composition-writing phobia is 100% real. “How do I start?”, “What should I focus on?” and “What do I write?”. These are the difficulties many students encounter that make them feel anxious. Consequently, practicing Chinese compositions will take a backseat. Here’s our solution: Encourage your child to develop their interest in writing Chinese compositions. Our engaging composition curriculum allows students to expand on their imagination quotient and build on their muscle memory for writing. By feeling less intimidated, your child will be ever more confident and eager to write his next essay!

#2 Inability to construct fluent and expressive sentences

Try reading through your child’s essay. Do you find yourself dozing off?  If yes, the lack of storytelling skills for your child is real and needs to be worked on as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may become harder for your child to write expressively and make his story come alive. Here’s our solution: Always continuously work on expanding your child’s vocabulary to help the readers visualise the story better through their imagination. At XueLin, our experienced teachers have prepared a fool proof, handy guide of vocabulary for each child to amp up their vocabulary and teach them application skills of these words to write eloquently.

#3 Incoherent flow between paragraphs

Many students do not have the relevant skills to ensure that their essay flow is cohesive and effortless, resulting in a confusing and conflicting storyline. This involves weaving phrases, sentences and paragraphs together, in order to support the central story logically. Here’s our solution: Focus on 看图作文 as pictures are simple to understand and storytelling skills can be strengthened easily with the straightforward sequence of events. Our teachers have formulated the best step-by-step process to tackle 看图作文 and even have our own in-house artists to create different visuals for your child to practice weekly.

Writing an impressive essay will never be out of your child’s reach ever again. Let our dedicated teachers and proven curriculum equip him with the right tools to be adept at Chinese composition writing.

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