3 Stumbling Blocks that are Preventing Your Child from being a Communication Expert for Chinese Oral Exams

By: Xuelin Learning Hub

September 11, 2021

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Is your child better at conversing in English than Chinese? Well, this may pose a serious problem when it boils down to your child’s ultimate National Chinese Oral Exams. The ability to speak eloquently and confidently is not something that can be mastered overnight, but instead requires a buildable foundation of language and content from young.

To help you understand better, let’s breakdown the 3 main challenges your child may be facing when it comes to acing the oral exam:

#1 Inability to hold a conversation in Chinese

Many students have adequate general knowledge but find it a struggle to converse about them in Chinese. 

Here’s our solution:  Backed by decades of experience, our teachers are expert at spotting potential topics that may be tested during the exam. This way we will be able to directly provide your child with quick, effective pointers for each topic in Chinese. Targeted exam questions with model answers will help to maximise your child’s oral revisions.

#2 Inability to share personal experiences or opinions eloquently

When prompted with questions that encourage students to share their personal experiences relating to the theme, many students tend to get stuck as they do not know how to express themselves well. 

Here’s our solution: XueLin’s teachers are professionals in training your child to integrate their everyday experiences into conversations fluently. This can help to empower the confidence in your child to communicate and put across their thoughts effectively and clearly, becoming better presenters than their peers.

#3 Inefficient preparation strategy during the allocated preparation time

While the allocated preparation time presents you with the opportunity to familiarise with the main topic and formulate or rehearse answers to potential questions, many students are unable to maximise this time to perform well during the oral exam.

Here’s our solution: We have a step-by-step checklist created just for your child! During oral exam simulations, our teachers will train your child to adhere to this checklist to guide their thinking process and fully prepare for potential questions.

Learn the best way to make use of the preparation time, avoid common oral exam mistakes and master the art of Chinese conversing within the shortest amount of time.

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